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I like to think the best place to start to get to know me & my journey as a photographer is right before I had my son, Owen. I was doing all the "first-time mom" things! Nursery: perfectly decorated! Baby books--yes, books, plural: ordered! Maternity and Baby Photographers: BOOKED! There was nothing wrong with the photos--how could there be, they were of the most beautiful baby I ever saw! But it took weeks of waiting for a long turnaround time, feeling awkward and not knowing how to pose ourselves, and then ultimately not liking 70% of the images because they just didn't look like us! I just thought all photographers were like that because in all my experiences with them, it always played out the same way. 

That is when I decided I wanted  to create something new!

I decided that I wanted to be a photographer who was honest and put my clients first. No being left in the dark, no waiting and wondering, no feeling like it was the client's job to pose themselves for the camera. So I learned everything I could find about photography. I learned what style I liked and how to run a business so that I could become that family photographer I was searching for all along. 
Image by Jakob Owens


Since I am about to get to know your family, here is a bit about mine! 
Our coach, house project manager, and fort-builder extraordinaire. Loves all things running, buffalo wings, and the Denver Broncos!
The creative one, schedule manager, and constant dreamer. Lover of reality TV, listening to Podcasts, and planning big family vacations. 
Aurora-Newborn-3 4.jpg
The sweet and sensitive 5-year-old who loves playing any sport or game, French fries, and anything involving The Paw Patrol.
Aurora-Newborn-2 2.jpg
Our adventurous girl! Hasn't met a playground she can't climb or a food she doesn't like. Loves being the center of attention and pushing her big brother's buttons.
Aurora-Newborn-2 4.jpg
Our sweet little baby! Spends all his time eating, sleeping, or watching his siblings' antics.
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