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 Hey there, I'm Stephanie! 

Wife to my college-boyfriend, Jesse. Mama to our sweet five-year-old son, Owen, our fearless three year-old, Sophie, & our sweet baby--Cole. The Starbucks iced Caramel Macchiato's biggest fan.

But you probably aren't  here to read a bunch of random facts about me--you are looking for amazing family or newborn photos that make your heart smile every time you look at them! You are hopefully looking for a photographer who is easy to work with and gets that tantrums, diaper blowouts, & nap times are just apart of life. I GET IT. I am in the thick of this motherhood game, too. I turn family photos into a fun experience where your children play and enjoy our time together. No stiff posture and forced fake smiles here!   

As a former home health nurse for children with disabilities, I started this business to give ALL families beautiful family photos. Whether your children are neuro-typical or not.

Hundreds of families and babies later, I have cracked the code on winning over even the shyest of kids, posing children of all abilities to allow their personality to shine, and even getting the toddler to give the new baby he is unsure of a big kiss on the cheek. I am basically a magician when it comes to all things kids. The secret? I make it stress-free. For everyone. Are you ready to be obsessed with your photos? I am! 



All  the Best,


How can I serve your family? 

Meet   the Family

Since I am about to get to know your family, here is a bit about mine! 
Our coach, house project manager, and fort-builder extraordinaire. Loves all things running, buffalo wings, and the Denver Broncos!
The creative one, schedule manager, and constant dreamer. Lover of reality TV, listening to Podcasts, and planning big family vacations. 
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The sweet and sensitive 5-year-old who loves playing any sport or game, French fries, and anything involving The Paw Patrol.
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Our adventurous girl! Hasn't met a playground she can't climb or a food she doesn't like. Loves being the center of attention and pushing her big brother's buttons.
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Our sweet little baby! Spends all his time eating, sleeping, or watching his siblings' antics.

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